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IT Provider / Supplier?

 Are you an IT Provider? (Store Front, Consulting Firm, Small / Medium / Enterprise) 

 Are you interested in supplying your clients the #1 Terminal Server / Citrix alternative that will be cost effective with ease of use? 

The Answer IS .. !

 Then the TSplus Authorized Reseller  Program  VAR is for you !!! 

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Partners Marketing Tips and Collateral

Technical Documentation Source code

The TSplus Technical off-line documentation is compiled in a Windows .CHM format.

To know more about it please read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Compiled_HTML_Help.
If you are not familiar with .CHM help files, you can watch the following video tutorial.

As you will see on our web site, the result of your Partner website documentation can look like this page.
We also offer to our visitors the option to download the complete TSplus Technical documentation in PDF format. This PDF is created from the.CHM file.
We are providing our Partners with the source code of our Technical documentation and we grant them with the rights to modify it, to change the screen shots, to add their own information.

To download the documentation in Word format, please use the following link: Documentation.

Licensing Management Reseller Guide

Download our Guide on how to generate licenses and support licenses on our Licensing Management Application.

Marketing Materials in Word format

We are providing our Partners with the source code of our Marketing materials and we grant them with the rights to modify it, to change the screenshots, to add their own information. To download these Word format document the following links:

TSplus add-ons

Graphics, icons, logos, video tutorials:

TSplus grants you the right to use on your web site the following graphics, icons, logos and video tutorials :

Download the latest video tutorials:

Download the latest marketing videos:

Accessing from your Web site to our Demo server

We are maintaining an online demo server. This server is reversed to an earlier state every day to avoid possible corruption.
You can use the following links inside your web site to provide some on-line demo to your customers:


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