TSplus Editions


TSplus Printer Edition

Absolutely no need for installing any printer drivers on your server when you have TSplus Universal Printer installed. TSplus Universal Printer comes with his own virtual printer driver which will receive the print job, compress it and send it to your local workstation. 

TSplus Mobile Web Edition

Enjoy the easiest remote access from any place and any device where you have an Internet connection and a standard browser. Simple to use, TSplus Mobile Web Edition is a great option. 

TSplus Enterprise Edition

 Provides the full range of TSplus technologies, as well as a Gateway Portal to access multiple TSplus systems and a unique load-balancing / reverse proxy system for any incoming Web Access on the Gateway Portal. 

TSplus Editions Overview


Active Directory Support


Active Directory Support

Allows administrators to easily control access to Windows apps based on Active Directory user groups.

Open on Client


When working remotely on your server, TSplus allows opening Word documents, Excel workbooks and other files automatically on the user side. There is no need to install Office on the host server. 

Application Publishing


 Publish applications for a selection of users and/or groups and they will have access only to their applications through TSplus Remote Taskbar and TSplus Floating Panel (no Windows “Start” menu, no Windows desktop). 

Portable Client Generator


TSplus enables you to generate a portable remote connection client that integrates all the required settings.

The final user does not have to remember his customized parameters anymore; a simple click on the generated client program and he is connected to his remote server.

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 TSplus enables any of your Windows from XP to Windows 10 (even Home editions) and Server 2003 to 2016  to act as a Citrix or a Terminal Server.

TSplus supports concurrent Remote Desktop (RDS) connections, printer mapping, disk mapping, port com mapping, bi-directional sound, remoteFX, dual screen. Any RDP compatible client can be used to connect on a TSplus System.

Seamless and RemoteApp


TSplus allows publishing of a single application for a given user. The application will be displayed on the local user desktop, not on a remote desktop standard session.

It will look as if the application was running on his computer (like Citrix or MS RDS applications)

Universal Printer


TSplus Universal Printer enables you to print from any location, without having to install any specific printer driver. 

Easy-to-Use Administrator Console


 TSplus Administrator Tool is a unique application that centralizes all of the server’s configuration tools, including Windows features, in one easy-to-use interface. 

TSplus Web Features

Web Access


TSplus built-in HTTP Web Server enables you to connect from any web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera…

The provided html pages includes Windows, Linux and MAC web access clients, as well as a JAVA client for any JAVA-enabled web browser.

Customizable web portal


With TSplus Webmaster Toolkit it is really easy to customize Web Access pages with your company colors, name and pictures. In one click and without any web design skills your users entry point looks corporate! 

Web Application Portal


Publish applications through the web and your users will be able to access their applications directly from the Internet, simply by clicking on the application icon in TSplusWeb Portal. 

SecureWeb Tunnel


TSplus built-in HTTPS Web Server and SSH server enables you to connect fully securely from any web browser with SSH Tunneling and port forwarding over HTTP and HTTPS. Without complex VPN, all network communications are end-to-end encrypted. The tunnel is established over the port 80 or 443 and the port 3389 is not required nor requested anymore. 

Connect from computers/mobile devices (BYOD)


TSplus built-in HTML5 provides a browser access to Windows applications and user desktops from all types of end-user devices, without having to install anything on the device (no plugin or app required).

TSplus HTML5 connections look, work and perform like a native RDP connection; even with sound and clipboard support.

Web Credentials


 Using TSplus Web Credentials, your users can connect with a simple PIN code or their e-mail address, without having to enter (or to know) the matching Windows credentials.

It can be very useful if you publish a business application with its own authentication scheme, or if you want to ease the remote access from a tablet inside your corporate network.

Farm Features

Gateway Portal


TSplus Gateway Portal enables access to multiple servers with web control of the user credentials and Single-Sign on (SSO). It is also possible to assign specific servers to specific users or groups, in order to control servers access. 

Load Balancing and Reverse Proxy


 TSplus load balancing feature can split the load between multiple servers of your cluster. It also allows falling back to failover servers in case of a production incident. 

TSplus Reverse Proxy allows for application servers to behind the firewall.

And much more.....


No requirement for Terminal Service CALs. No need for Terminal Service (Remote Desktop Service) license manager

  • Fast file transfer between the user PC and the TSplus server
  • Lowest-cost Citrix/TS product available on XP, VISTA, W7, W8, W10 and 2003/2008/2012/2016 systems (32 and 64 bits)