Azure Government

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TSplus (already a authorized US government contractor) has teamed up with Persimmony International (leader in First5/MAA and ECM applications for the State of California) to supply Persimmony International as a Microsoft Azure Government and Microsoft Co-Sell.



Mobile Secure Airlines Support

As we walk around our Airports today. We see the need for Airline Mobile Support. TSplus has partnered with SaasPass (the learder in 2FA) to roll out a Mobile Solution for Air Asia. 


Medical Software

Medical Software Support

Medical Software is increaslingy changing to a Cloud Solution. With EMR/EHR and HIPPA requirments. security and patient information. 

TSplus is able to supply Miedical Software (Host  and On-Premise) the ablilty to full that need.

TSplus Family of products  achieves and exceeds in that process

ADS (Advianced Data  Systems), CodeMetro and EndoSoft  use the TSplus Solution. Your Medical Software should use the same.


Police Departments

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TSplus is the vendor of choice with HV Computers to supply law  enforcement departments in the State of NY with a secure Remote Solution


Automotive Dealerships

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Newtech Automotive Services is one of the automotive industry’s leading innovators in technology, consulting, financial services, and vehicle management uses TSplus to supply it's  clients with the solution they deserve