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TSplus Stable Release

TSplus Stable release with the enhancments and performance upgrades that you have been looking for. Give is a try now by Downloading the TSplus-US Full Featured Evaluation NOW!

TSplus - The Citrix Replacement

newCitrix has announced that it will be offering an only Enterprise Level Product

TSplus not only can help small and Medium Business but also give you an Enterprise Level Solution.

Shouldn’t you look into TSplus

TSplus On-Line Version Information

This powerful new release includes a wide range of new features and functionalities :

  • All user interfaces have been redesigned to a new modern look.
  • All Windows versions are supported, included the new Windows 10 and the support of all Microsoft Updates.
  • Improvements on performances and multiple enhancements of the HTML5 and the Java Web Portal Client.
  • Java 64 bits is now fully supported to provide better performances and higher stability of the TSplus built-in Web Servers.
  • If requested, the installation or the update of TSplus can be silently processed.
  • User names which include spaces or User Principal Names are now supported.
  • The new native Windows shell option enables to publish, for example, ClickOnce applications.
  • Several new languages were added.
  • And of course, all the existing TSplus features are provided for our customers satisfaction!

– When Java was not installed on the target system, we did not handle correctly the setup program.

Now the administrator can decide to continue (without Java), or to stop the installation to install Java.

– The Web Access Portal is stable now after an Update Release. In former release, we did see some issues

after Update Release that do not exists anymore

– The Web Credential was limited to the HTML5 client. Now you can use this excellent feature also for

the Java client or the Web Windows client

– When a system had, prior the setup, an autologon at the console, this autologon was removed by Windows after the TSplus setup.

Now, we are protecting the autologon, if it exists. This will avoid issue with customers who do not remember their

PC console logon/password

– The Windows snap feature (enabling the automatic risizing of any application if you drag/drop it to the top left corner of the screen) was not possible so far. It is now included as a standard feature of TSplus

– Automatic refresh of the Users/Groups/Application assignment: Up to know, the administrator must open the AdminTool and Update Users/Groups manually. If he does any change in the AD, he also had to do this manual action to refresh the TSplus data.

Now it is automatic. IF, at the server console, a session is open with a Domain Admin (in case of join domain of course)

THEN, within a minute after any change in the AD, all TSplus data will be automatically updated.

For system in Workgroup, it is the same enhancement, if a local admin session is open on the console.

– Web Download and File transfer. Up to now we renamed the transferred files “RemoteFile-XXXXXX”

Now, the files are tranferred and we keep their names. Some customers was expecting this enhancment for a while.

SaasPass integration with TSplus

SaasPass a leader in 2FA has been integrated into TSplus. Now you can have 2FA.

SaasPass Logo

                                              2015-01-13 10_59_01-SAFETY Act

SaasPass Installation Instructions

TSplus at the CIDC (Clarion International Developer Conference)

Did you know that Arnold Young from Nice Touch Solutions, Inc invited TSplus to join the Clarion International Developer Conference

Read more about the conference by clicking here

Watch the TSplus video presentation by clicking here (your password is cidc2015)

Are you a Clarion user and would like a TSplus discount. Please let us know. Send us an email by clicking here